Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Time was freaking me out - and I was frustrated by the length of the line at the post office


So I knelt, and scooted, and re-thought my frustration.  The need to kneel was too weighty, and so I scrapped my plans to kneel where I planned to, and knelt where I was.  It was nice to have plan, but to let it go when a perfect opportunity presented itself was freeing.  It made me very self-conscious.  I don't really think people were looking at me, but just the same.........  Also - I saw a little boy much better - I couldn't see the top of his head.  I started to try and decide what things he might think of as the focal points in the room and made a sculpture out of some things that I gathered (ljs). 

Also - I don't get how to post a picture here - can anyone help me figure it out?  

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