Tuesday, November 11, 2008


got to walk right after the rain, right before the sun started to set - that perfect setting where the clouds cover the sun just enough to make the air seem unusually dim yet clear.

makes the color of the leaves seem highlighted somehow - brilliant against the gray atmosphere, like the kind of hand of God directing my attention to where it should be: outside of me.

'i love my block' i thought, walking among leaves the size of my feet, looking at flowers standing tall and pretty on the brink of their winter demise, and cozy homes stacked side by side.

but turn the corner and the leaves dissipate, fade into blowing bits of garbage instead, cigarette butts, pavement eating up the yards of the buildings. i start to notice how cold it is, how i should be walking quicker than i am.

its like i walked from the inside of the block out - from the personal interior of homes and families to the cold exterior of businesses and car-filled streets. from the quiet inside to the incessant movement of the outside.

'i love my block', i thought.

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Sarah-Ji said...

This is wonderful and inspirational and beautiful and I could go on and on. Thank you for co-arising!