Thursday, November 13, 2008


Goat Tacos!  Goose Island Bourbon County Stout!  Lychee Liqueur!  Woah!  We definitely indulged a bit in the eating/drinking of the unfamiliar!  And it was great!  

We ate around the table, taking breaks to lend our glitter glue pens, our colored pencils, and our markers to the blank piece of paper that we placed in the center of the table.  Slowly, gradually, colors and shapes began to form, began to converse, overlap, enter, and exit.  The drawing, the eating, the drinking:  all were reminders of the dependent co-arising that is the root of all life and all experience.

Thank you Jan, Michael, and Sara for sharing the evening with me, and thank you everyone, all of you, for giving these actions your daily attention!  

I should have loved you less......The foods of regret.

I seek no adventure. I seek the same pain I have always known. "Red" (with knife) was delicious. "Red" (in coffee cup with knife) was even better. "Grey" water—I remember our night (alone). My stomach is the dish I never wash. I prepare the food with a tongue donning a fluffy hat...speaking French without my consent. I never opened a can I didn't like. Sex Eyes.
Today's project happened for me in two parts:

For Lunch I was determined to go to the health food store and order the weirdest sounding thing on the menu, which for me was a: Royal Jelly, Wheat Germ Oil, Bee Pollen, Protein Powder, Pineapple and Raspberry Smoothie. It's aftertaste was kind of bread-like in a strange way, but delicious nevertheless.


For dinner, in the company of our dear friends Ryan and Jan we feasted on goat tacos from a local taqueria. I also tried the latest Goose Island bourbon stout (which I could barely finish) and followed that with lychee cocktails! Insanely good and even better when shared with such good company!

south side samples

i actually went hunting today for something unfamiliar, toiling over various options - where would i be willing to draw the line?

we decided a new ale would maybe be in order and, as hyde park is lavish in its liquor options we went to the local store. 

oddly we did not manage to find something new - rather, new and unfamiliar things were forced upon us! well, me. my seemingly impressionable, wide eyed self incurred the marketing power of several different brands of liquor. ironically, as if they were aware of my objectives, all the multitude of samples were unfamiliar to me - porter, sherry, energy vodka drinks. the salespeople were downright committed to getting me to try something unfamiliar. 

and today, i was committed to oblige.

i obliged four different samples, in fact, obliged the little plastic cups, the spirited pitches from the great variety of salespeople, the barrage of personal questions that tend to accompany these sorts of encounters. little did they know their energy was poorly spent in trying to get me to purchase, but richly spent in helping me to co-arise!

something in the deepest pitch.

something in the deepest pitch 

is rather


the last of me.
the drink of myself.

Brussels sprouts

The truth is I am very familiar with this delicious vegetable...BUT I grew these, and I have never eaten brussels for which I have toiled into the earth. I enjoyed each layer, the tiny spherical form, and the perfect saute'd crunch. I thought of the compost, the planting, weeding, bending, and watering that went into them. ...this must be the best way to enjoy a vegetable.

Putting the Billy On

I grew up in a town with one Chinese restaurant, and so when I grew up I tried any kind of food anywhere. Thus it was hard on short notice to think of somewhere to get something i hadn't yet tried. I once went to a bubble tea restaurant and ordered the thing on the menu i had no idea what it was (taro cake) and it was delicious. After a day that went steadily downhill, including a $93 parking ticket, I thought perhaps something simple was in order. I went to our stock of teas and found one I'd never tried. A tetley drawstring tea, flavored summer berry, a nostalgic flavor in this cold weather!


I tried to breathe away my headache and exhale a smile when I didnt feel like it last night. It was and unnatural feeling when I felt kind of yucky. I also made some chocolate pudding to help my state... I heard once that the way the muscles in our faces are constructed, it is more natural to smile than to frown...that it takes more concerted effort from our facial muscles to frown. Try it!