Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bookended kneeling at the Metra

I take the 7:12 Metra to work every morning. The only good thing about this is that I get to watch the sun rise over the downtown skyline. Sitting on my knees and watching this happen made me feel more comfortable in the space - like I was in my own living room waiting for the train.
I also sat on my knees while waiting for my 5:43 train home (not pictured). There are two things about my home commute I would like to share: 1.) when the Northbound train comes in and stops, it illuminates a tiny patch of track and some wild grass and brush. It is very easy to squint your eyes and pretend that you are in some tiny nowhere town in the middle of Nebraska, for example. 2.) Evanston likes to think of itself as a cosmopolitan place, but it suffers from less light pollution than Chicago and at night you can see stars and the sky is almost inky black.
I sat on my knees a third time also, but that has been written about already.


Sarah-Ji said...

As a fellow Metra-commuter, I really appreciated this post. And that picture is just gorgeous.

Sadie said...

Thank you!