Monday, December 1, 2008


Twenty days and twenty actions have passed.  

It kind of flew by.  

It was wonderful, and daunting, and inspired, and perhaps too much, but it was what it was, and we are now left with an end which is, of course, a beginning.  What do we do now?  The original plan for this dependent co-arising has come and gone, yet it isn't over, is it?

I believe we may (no promises) make this beginning into a book of sorts.  What do you think of that co-arisers?  What other ideas do you have?  How might we continue?  What did you like about this?  What didn't you like?

Ideas?  Opinions?  

And a huge heartfelt thanks to you all for lending yourselves and your voices to this!


sarah said...

this is stuff i do all the time, but now i have had a semi-legitimate reason to do it! i'm reposting my dependent co-arising posts on my blog @ I had fun reading about everyone elses experiences, but I'd like to know more about you- I can tell that we are from different places and have different experiences, but we have all been connected more obviously than usual and i'd like to stay connected!

David said...

awakening is a natural process of arising through conditioning. this project is a beautiful connection location. a book does it very little justice. could this blog continue as a multi-user blog of journaling dependent co-arising experience in our daily lives. in this sense, nothing special and all awakening. it is in both the growing relative perspective and the dropping of attachments that we enlighten our being and co-arise in interbeing. for this dependent opening process to continue forth through us, may we continue this somehow? i enjoyed reading and contributing. thanks to everyone.

practicing awakening

Sarah-Ji said...

I would like to continue this in one way or another, but I'm not sure how. I actually liked the fact that all the posts were posted under the author EVERYONE and not individual names. Maybe we could have weekly tasks, and that would give everyone more time to participate & ruminate.

Maybe we should have a potluck.

Ryan Andrew Balas said...

I just learned to comment.
I want 20 more days to actively participate.

I loved this idea.

Maybe we could do audio/video/drawing posts without words. With twenty more actions.

Sarah-Ji said...

I still think we should have a potluck. And yes, all of you not in Chicago should come. Or have your own potlucks. Hmm...That could be one of the designated actions.