Monday, November 10, 2008

Under the Oak Tree

I went to Waters Community Garden tonight to my favorite spot. Under a big oak tree. I knelt down and felt a cushion of leaves about 6 inches deep. They crunched under my weight, and I remembered my old days of raking leaves all afternoon for the sole purpose of hurling myself into them. I breathed and smelled the brisk fall night. 

It was pretty quiet until I noticed the series of jets flying above me. I was directly beneath the flight path of a major airport. I thought about the people up in the airplanes and wondered where they were going. They were just on the ground minutes before and now they are cruising the lower atmosphere. Is Matt in one of those planes? I resolved yes! He must be in that one! I had just driven him and the members of Anathallo to the airport where they were headed to Europe. I gave him a big smile from under the oak tree. We are always connected.