Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here we go!!!

So, everyone, here we go!  

Underneath the header, "Dependent Co-Arising" (right there at the top of the page), you will find each day's action!  Our first action happens to be:  Sit on your knees in a public place.  You are free to experience this action, and all the others that will follow, however you'd like.   And then!  Then you can record your experience however you'd like.  Write about it!  Take a picture of it!  Post a video of it!  Draw a picture of it!  Etcetera & etcetera ad infinitum!

Log on here, to this little blog we've all got, and make a new post each day with your thoughts, pictures, videos, drawings, etc.  We can all read about and experience each other's experiences through this blog, and continue the conversation, if we choose, by commenting on one another's posts.  Yes!  

This is going to be great!  Let's dependently co-arise!!!


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